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The ScofieldRG Study Bible III, NASB: New American Standard Bible (Hardcover)
Here the well-received augmentation of the ScofieldRG study notes and reference system is combined with a modern version of the Bible. The New American Standard Bible is celebrated for accurately communicating the meaning of the original texts to today's readers. It is an excellent guide for those seeking a contemporary English translation with a high degree of fidelity to the Hebrew and Greek of the Bible. The NASB translation is accompanied by a wealth of features that clarify the ideas underlying the Scofield's annotations for modern readers. An abundance of factual information is presented in topical articles, charts, and lists that add depth and richness to study time. In addition, there are enhanced book introductions, accurate in-text maps, authoritative full color maps, and page bottom notes.
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Showtime for the Sheep? The Church and the Passion of the Christ
Is Mel Gibson's blockbuster movie inspired by God? Have silver-screen portrayals of biblical epics become the new "silver bullet" of evangelism? Although Showtime for the Sheep? addresses these questions with eye-opening insights, it is far more than a revelation regarding The Passion of the Christ. This block-busting little book addresses several key trends that are storming the church in this media-mesmerized millenium:

- The increasing use of entertainment and amusement to teach the Word of God -- and expanding efforts to make the Gospel message more "seeker-sensitive"

- The advancing cause of ecumenism over evangelism -- and the resultant confusion between Catholicism and biblical Christianity

- The multiplying effect of doctrinal error through increasingly popular paraphrased "Bibles" -- and the proliferation of visual interpretations of Scripture

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Romans Verse by Verse:
Newell's commentary is a classic for understanding the doctrinal content of Romans, it can hardly be equalled.
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Major Bible Themes:
We always recommended Major Bible Themes for an excellent easy to understand Theology book.
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Chafer's Systematic Theology:
Chafer's monumental classic in the field of theology was the first consistently Premillennial theology written, it is the old standard Dispensational reference and it is also the best. For the serious Bible student.
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Things to Come:
Here we have probably the best book on Prophecy ever written. This complete work in Biblical Escatology is massive yet easy to read and understand.
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The Genesis Record:
Regarded by many as one of the very best commentaries on Genesis, The Genesis Record is both scientific and devotional. Written by a creationist scientist, it can easily be understood by both laymen and the theologically trained.
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Daniel - The Key to Prophetic Revelation:
Like Walvoord's commentary on Revelation, Daniel has also become a standard work.
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